NEW Paddling Class

Wednesdays @ 11:30AM

Now included in your membership: a water activity! If you’re seeking to try something different, this class is for you. Coach Tristan will show you the ways of the gorge via kayak, outrigger canoe, paddle board or dragon boat. Why not give it a shot?

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Functional Fit


Tuesday / Thursday @ 7:00AM

Fridays / Saturdays @ 9:30AM


Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday @ 5:00PM

Functional Fitness is to train in the gym to improve your abilities outside these walls. The classes incorporate mobility, strength and conditioning all scaled to suit any fitness level. All Functional Fit classes are guide by our Personal Trainers, each with extensive educational backgrounds, ensuring that you’re in good hands. Our combined focus on educating and proper movement mechanics makes for a safe, non-intimidating setting for the classes.

The workouts are posted the night before. Click below to have a peek!

Spin (outdoors & indoors)


Mondays / Fridays @ 6:30AM


Tuesdays / Thursdays/Fridays @ 11:30AM

Welcome to our luxury high performance indoor cycling program. Come in early for your first class, and one of our experts will set up your bike to suit your body’s metrics. We keep your custom fitting on file and your bike will be set up upon your next spin class.


Let’s take you through your fitness journey from the ground up. Simple tasks such as standing up straight, and sitting down correctly, can be more challenging than it seems. We have the experts to pin point what needs strengthening, loosening, and compressing to better prepare you for all other classes on our schedule. This class is a fantastic starting point here at Waterfront.

Fundamentals has 2 parts:

Squat Down: Mondays & Wednesdays @ 12:30PM

Squat Down is a class that will improve your overall lower body mechanics. Whether you want to run a marathon or reduce pain, this class is for everyone. We all do things that cause our body to tighten up and this class will teach you how to unwind the tension in your lower body and how to maximize your leg workouts. This class will follow the ABCs of getting your body prepared for exercise; apply pressure, begin lengthening, and continue with strength. By fine tuning your mechanics we can eliminate pain, improve gait cycle, and maximize leg strength.

Posture Up: Tuesdays / Thursdays @ 12:30PM

Posture Up is a class to help your overall upper body mechanics. Sitting is the new smoking, it is the leading cause of back pain and causes people to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a wide variety of treatments to remove the pain. With this class we work on how to improve your posture and upper body movements to eliminate pain, and prevent it from ever coming back. This class will also follow the ABCs of getting your body prepared for exercise; apply pressure, begin lengthening, and continue with strength. With the tools you gain from this class you can kiss your back pain goodbye and say hello to all of the unlocked potential in your new abilities. 

General: Wednesdays @ 9:30AM & Tuesdays @ 6:00PM


Thursdays @ 6:00PM

Prerequisite: Fundamentals: Squat Down + Posture Up (included in Membership) OR Fitness Assessment ($50) 

This class will cover the 4 fundamental movements in strength; the squat, hinge, push and pull. Starting with breaking each movement down to make sure your workouts are safe and effective and progressing into compound lifts to get you to your fitness goals. The 4 Pillars of Strength is a fun, strength focused class that will get you sweating and your muscles pumping. 

**Coming Soon: Olympic Lifting Lvl 1

Metabolic Conditioning (Met Con)

Mondays & Wednesdays @ 11:30AM

Metabolic Conditioning meets endurance! The coach uses work/rest ratios to push those in the class, with of course always starting with a proper warm-up.  We are very fortunate at Waterfront to have access to the patio and boardwalk space for whenever intervals call for running, skipping, lunges... anything you want to bring outdoors! 

This Conditioning class is suited for all level, as your output is easily adjustable.


Fridays @ 12:30PM

This program uses the best form of resistance - yourself! You will learn how to master bodyweight exercises, all while ensuring full range of motion. The coach will put you through a combination of "weird", progressive-friendly exercises that will enable your inner gymnast to come out and play.

You'll be pleasantly surprised to know what your body can do. All levels welcome!