Fascia training is defined as movement exercises that aid in improving the functional properties of the muscular connective tissues in the human body, such as tendons, ligaments, joint capsules and muscular envelopes. Our coach Colin's unique approach has shown effectiveness time and time again... stay tuned for client testimonials! 



1 Session (60 Minutes): $85

8 Sessions: $640 ($80 / session)

16 Sessions: $1200 ($75 / session)

32 Sessions: $2080 ($70 / session)

*30 Minutes of stretching and 30 Minutes of strength training. 

1 Session (30 Minutes): $50

12 Sessions: $540

24 Sessions: $960


I was 86 years old on January 16, 2015 when I met my Personal Trainer, Colin Bell aged 28. It was a major turning point in my life. Back then I was falling a lot, had almost no balance and was afraid to go out in the wind because it brought me down. My first goal was to stay upright in a 50K wind which was achieved quite quickly once I learned to stand erect. Every day, literally, I saw progress, every month I was doing things I hadn’t done in years. Then I decided I wanted to run so we make a small directional change an now according to Colin I can run. I disagree. It doesn’t feel like running - it is stiff  and forced, but I know that soon I will run smoothly. What will the next goal be? I don’t know yet but I do know with certainty in that I will keep working with Colin as long as he will let me. It has turned me from a vulnerable, timid old woman into a strong and active person of mature years. A totally unexpected plus to all the stretching and moving is that my brain is functioning better. I can now follow a thread from A to B to C and even to D before losing it when before I couldn’t get past B. 

Colin is always encouraging, always cheerful as are all the people in the gym. He pushes me, but never beyond my capabilities. He and his girlfriend Tanjya then took me shopping so I would be properly clothed for the gym. In the fall the 3 of us are did a 7K walk in good time even though I kept insisting I couldn’t walk so far. I will never be able to thank Colin enough for what he has achieved with me. I thank him heartily, for being my friend and giving me back my life.” - Barbara

"Coming from a competitive athletics background, I was already very experienced in the gym, but I knew my training was missing something.  I had hit plateau's in all my major lifts and wasn't progressing as an athlete, despite regimented training and diet plans.  Working with Colin has helped fix muscle imbalances and range of motion issues that were prohibiting me from improving.  He took me back to the basics and helped build up weaknesses to help me overcome my plateaus and I'm stronger now than when I was a competitive collegiate athlete.  He has a great training style, and athletes at every level would benefit from working with him." - Andrea Pleven

"I had been seeking help for several years unsuccessfully through heller work, massage therapy, and "advanced" chiropractic including decompression for problems with neck pain, finger numbness, shoulder pain, sciatica, posture issues, balance, core strength as well as problems with embarrassing belly fat. Through a carefully planned program Colin has addressed these issues through his deep understanding of human anatomy and through a regular strength building program that has brought me relief and strength where I had almost given up. My regret is that I did not discover him seven years ago when problems associated with my age (68) and making a living at a computer brought discomfort and pain. The pains in my neck and along my shoulders are almost entirely gone. The sciatica is 95 % cured. I look forward to what he can do for me as I advance toward 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 or further." - Bjarne