Scaling is often an overlooked aspect of fitness. If you aren't familiar with the reasons for scaling a workout, here are a couple: You are new or coming back after a week or more off of intense exercise, unable to complete a movement properly/safely or in the volume required for a certain period of time. For these reasons, we ALWAYS have the option to scale, and why we have scaling even for the skill today. Over the past month or more we have been slowly working on improving our Olympic lifts, and today we will take it up a notch, but only if you are ready. The hang power snatch is a great way to work on getting the most out of our power, but adding some difficulty by taking the bar from the ground will challenge most. Again, a reason to scale is if you are unable to complete a movement properly or safely. For the WOD we can scale if will likely take longer than 20 minutes. That might mean reducing the run distance or the weight to move through at a higher intensity. Never is scaling cheating or taking a shortcut, it is being smart and living to fight another day and thrive for future workouts. Any questions on scaling? Ask any of your knowledgeable coaches. 


  • Power Snatches 6 x 3 E90s

Scale - Hang Power


"Randy's Snatch and Run" // 5 rounds for time 

  • 400m Run (0.25mi Treadmill)

  • 20 DB Snatch (50/35)


  • 1. 300m run (0.18 mi) (35/20)