Wednesday's class will get our weekly dose of the deadlift, however this time, we have the option to test out the trap bar. Let your coach give you a rundown of the differences between the regular bar and the trap bar and choose what you want to use during the skill. One of the limiter in the deadlift, especially for multiple reps, can be the grip strength. During the WOD we have a chance to work on that with our farmer's carry. Grab a heavy set of DBs or KBs and test out those grippers!


  • Deadlifts 5 x 5 building up E90s (straight bar or trap bar)


12 min AMRAP - 

  • 6 laps of the gym, double DB or KB farmer walk

  • 12 AB Mat Sit-up

  • 18 KB Squats 

  • 24 Skips