Today we are going to work on getting more comfortable with the back squat. We are working through a variety of rep ranges and there should be a noticable difference between the weight you can lift for 8 reps and for 2 reps. Our form shouldn't change as we add weight but our muscles will fatigue in a different way. If you've done this sequence before, try to add a bit of weight. Keeping track of what you can lift for different reps is a good guide for future classes when the back squat is being utilized. 


Back Squat - wave sets E90sWave 1 - 8,6,4,2 Wave 2 - 8,6,4,2 adding weight as the reps decrease and add weight from wave 1 to wave 2


42-30-18 reps of -American Kettlebell Swings (green/yellow)Ab Mat Sit-upsRing Row
Scale -1. lighter kb 2. half the number of sit-ups