The functional fit class features a rotating EMOM. Every Minute On the Minute you will move through an assortment of exercises. Each week a workout like this comes up, and bounces around to different days of the week so that different schedules can get a taste of this style of workout. It is also a great way to get a workout in on the road while you are travelling. All you need to do is pick a few exercises (most cases we will try to use different major muscle groups) and just get as much work done as possible in a set time period before moving to the next move. It also allows everyone to work at their own pace, so get in and give it YOUR best effort. Remember, it's Friday!


  • Barbell Push Press 5 x 5 E90s

  • Bent over DB Row 5 x 5 E90s


OTM Stations 45 second work/15 rest x 5 rounds each

  • Wallballs

  • Ring Row

  • Plate Ground to Overhead

  • Plank