Hot Buttato - a fan favourite! This workout came up about a month ago, but if you missed it then, you have a chance to get in on it Monday. The goal is to work as hard as you can for 30 seconds on either the bike or the rower. After your 30 seconds is up, you will rest 1 minute before going for another 30 second effort on the other machine. You'll end up doing 7 rounds of each. It's as hard as you make it, the goal is to accumulate as many calories as possible for your team.


  • Back Squat & Box Jumps

5 rounds 5 back squats + 5 Box Jumps E2M


Hot Buttato" // In Teams of 3, 1 person working (30 sec) 2 resting

Alternate between

  • Airdyne Bike Cals

  • Rower Cals

7 times at each station (21 min)