MARCH 28, 2018

Third day of benchmark week coming your way!

Today we will test a high skill barbell movement. The clean. It is an expression of speed, strength, coordination, flexibility and athleticism. For some us, this is a favourite movement and we will be allowed to go for it to find a max for the day. 

Others haven't had a chance to learn or perfect this movement yet and will get some time to practice. If this is you, I encourage you to talk to one of our coaches about possibly spending an hour or two with them one on one to get you up to speed. We LOVE coaching weightlifting and should be able to get you up to speed. It will be worth it!


Find a heavy 1 rep clean for the day



For time, 30 Clean and Jerks @95/135


-Clean practice with no weight

-Lighter weight

-Dumbbells instead of barbell