MARCH 31, 2018

Final day to test out some challenging benchmark workouts. Today we have a combination of aerobic fitness and strength that will help you understand what you may need to work on. Some of us may exceed at the rowing but struggle to lift the barbell... while others may dread the rower but absolutely love to get their hands on some challenging weight. 

Whichever one of these you are, I encourage you to try to fall in love with the thing you dislike. I know, I know, I know. Fitness should be fun and we want you to enjoy your time with us but we are also in the business of getting you results. We think your biggest growth potential might come from doing the things we like the least more often. Try giving it a shot!


Warm up your deadlift to the weight we will use in the workout



3 Rounds for time of

500m Row

12 Deadlifts  @ Bodyweight

21 Box Jumps @24/20 inches


  • Shorter rowing distance
  • Airdyne instead of row
  • Lighter deadlift weight
  • Lower box jump height (stack some plates)