APRIL 2, 2018

Starting our April off with some kettlebell work.

Today is your chance to upgrade your skills if you aren't familiar with this versatile piece of equipment. No matter what your goals are, there is a place for kettlebells in your programming. You can throw around a heavy kettlebell for some strength work or you can put some high repetition swings into your workout to get some conditioning and endless other possibilities!


3x Kettlebell Skill Work

10 kb clean and jerk, each arm                                                                                                  

10 kb snatches, each arm


“The Other One”

As many reps as possible in 7min of

3 kettlebell swing (53/35#)

3 goblet squats

3 burpees

6 kettlebell swings

6 goblet squats

6 burpees

9 kettlebell swings

9 goblet squats

9 burpees

…continue rep scheme until time expires


Russian swings instead of American swings

Lighter kettlebell weight