A fun skill and a benchmark workout for us today. 

Here's a quick video as homework for the Turkish Get Up. It's a movement that can be confusing but when broken down by a great coach it becomes a fun full-body challenge.

After that, we have a workout with running, kettlebell swings and pull ups. We want you to have a game plan for this one and this is what we think...

If you are great at running but the "indoor" movements cause you trouble, we suggest slowing the run down enough to be able to do bigger sets when you get inside. Or, if you have a tough time running but think you will do well on the "indoor" movements, we would ask you to push the run a bit harder than you normally do.


Turkish Get Ups

Accumulate 12 total reps (6 on each side). Attempt increasingly more difficult DB's or KB's when possible.



3 Rounds For Time

400 Meter Run

21 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

12 Pull Ups


Row 500m / Airdyne 0.5mi

Lighter kettlebell 

Ring row instead of pull ups 

Box jumps instead of pull ups if too sore