APRIL 5, 2018

Time to sweat out that Easter chocolate!

Get your lungs and heart ready for today's work that will include rowing, air bike and burpees. We will work for 6 minutes straight before resting for 2 minutes and repeat this until we complete 3 total sets. Your score for the day is total number of reps (calories + burpees).


3-5 rounds of "ROW-ling"

Goal here is to land exactly on 100 meters without going over or under. If you land on 97 or 103 meters, the score is 3 and the penalty is 3 burpees... up to a max of 10.


“Mean Machine”

3 rounds

3:00 calorie row

2:00 calorie bike OR 10 meter shuttle runs

1:00 burpees

Rest 2:00


Stagger start, with group 2 starting at 4:00

Plate ground to overhead if unable to do burpees