We hope everyone had a great weekend! We're going to kick this week off with some barbell lovin'. It's time to snatch.

Movements, like snatches, may bring up thoughts of "why do I even need to do these?"

They're a complicated movement with a lot of required coordination, flexibility, speed, balance, accuracy, power, strength and agility. That is the problem but also the exact reason why you should be doing them. In our effort to be as complete of a human mover as possible, we don't want to leave any stone unturned. Snatches cover a lot of those typically untrained bases and often start off as complicated and new but they usually end up being some peoples favorite movement.

Coaches will spend some quality time upgrading your olympic weightlifting skill. If snatches are a new movement for you we will keep you on a PVC pipe or empty barbell to help you become more comfortable with the exercise. If you're competent with snatches you will be allowed to go heavy for the day. 


Build to a heavy single snatch or simply practice



30 snatches for time @135/95


-Lighter weight

-Learning & technique day with dowel only