Weightlifting Wednesday!

You will have a chance to sink your teeth into a heavy barbell today. We will go over some points of performance for the Hang Squat Clean then allow you to see how far you can take that technique. The intention is to lift something heavy well, not simply lift something heavy. 

We will follow up the strength piece with a fun couplet with ascending reps starting with 3 and adding 3 more reps after each completed round. You will have 8 minutes to get as high on the "ladder" as possible. Our advice is to treat the first three rounds as a buy-in. The workout doesn’t truly start until the round of 12’s. Meaning, just get through those first few rounds and then have a plan in place once you get to the 9's or 12's... a good suggestion is quick sets of 3, even if you feel it's possible to do more. This will hopefully allow you to take shorter breaks and complete more overall reps.


Build to a heavy single Hang Squat Clean
-Not a max, just heavy for the day. Focus on improvement over load.


"Under The Lights"

8 minute AMRAP
3 Hang Squat Clean (95/65)
3 Toes to Bar
6 Hang Squat Clean (95/65)
6 Toes to Bar
9 Hang Squat Clean (95/65)
9 Toes to Bar

Up by (3) reps each round


Lighter barbell
Power clean if squat clean isn't possible
Dumbbells instead of barbell
Hanging knee raises, ab mat sit up or double crunch instead of toes to bar