Today's going to be good'er because it's always fun when we get to play with olympic weightlifting. Like a golf swing, there is always something that can be corrected in that pursuit of perfection. Your coach will guide you through a fun clean complex before the METCON that will also feature some cleans.

The workout today is a simple couplet of running and cleans but the beauty comes in how we want to tackle it. For those of us that are here for the good times, best buds and fun training you can pick a weight that you know is in your wheelhouse and enjoy getting fit and having fun at the same time. If you're looking to drive the train into Discomfort Junction you can try a bit more of a challenging weight and also push the runs a bit harder than usual. In either case, your goal should be as little time standing there as possible. KEEP MOVING today gang!


Clean Complex
Build to a heavy
3 position clean + 1 jerk


“Tiger Blood”
3 Rounds For Time:
10 Clean and Jerks (135/95)
400 Meter Run


  • Reduce barbell weight
  • Run 200m 
  • Row 500m or Airdyne 40cals