MONDAY MAY 21, 2018

Thanks again for starting your week with us. It's a holiday Monday so the gym is open for reduced hours today but we still have a workout for you to attempt. Be aware that coaches Alex and Dan S. will be there in the morning but likely wont be around to lead you through your training today. We have programmed it to be simple and effective so you can get in and out without stress.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 9.38.20 AM.png

Today we have for you a couplet of clean & jerks or kettlebell swings with double unders where the reps are reduced each set. Today, the clean and jerks or KBS are more important to push on then the skipping and that half of the reps are done after the set of 8. So give a good effort on the barbell and just do your best to get through the skipping without completely wiping yourself out. 


“Double Crossed”
For Time
Clean and Jerks (115/80#) or American KBS (62/44#)
30 Double Unders After Each Set


  • Reduce weight
  • 60 Single skips
  • 45s of double under attempts