TUESDAY MAY 29, 2018

Coach Dan here, still writing these from another country. Just a quick note about today's training plan...


This is a benchmark-type workout. We will repeat this at least once every 6 months as it is a good indicator of our current fitness level. The prescribed deadlift weight may or may not be in your wheelhouse. If it is, then hit this one with great effort and see what you can do today. If that weight is not something you can do for 21+ reps unbroken when you're fresh then please scale it down to something that you can. This is meant to allow you to push, not have you get stuck at a barbell. If you can't finish any of these sets in 3 sets or less, you may have picked the wrong weight. Now you'll know for next time!


Build up to challenging but not max effort set of 5


“Sugar Daddy”
Deadlifts (225/155) 
400 Meter Run


500 Meter Row
40/28 Calorie Airdyne
Reduce Deadlift Weight