Bring your watches! (And your water bottles if you read yesterday's blog). Today is a long, cardiovascular workout that will require a lot of energy.  Make sure you are hydrated for this one. 

Why bring a watch? Today's WOD starts, and ends with a 1 mile run. In the middle, there is a 2km row. On the row it is much easier for us to track our “split times” your split times is the amount of time it takes you to complete a certain distance. In the case of the row, the split time is how long it will take to row 500m. Our goal for this WOD is to choose a split time to maintain for all parts. For example, choosing a split time of 2:15 for 500m and maintaining it for all 2000m would mean that my 2000m row will take 2:15 x 4= 9:00.

Tracking our split times on the row is going to be much easier than the run. The numbers will no longer be displayed in front of us on a screen.  We will complete the run in 400m segments as opposed to a straight 1600m. In this case, our split times will be for 400m. If you know your 1 mile run, you will be able to base your “goal split times” off of that. However, if you don’t know your 1 mile run, it might be good to track your split times for the 400m runs today to get an idea. 


For Time
1 Mile run
2,000m row
1 Mile Run


  • 160/115 Calorie airdyne
  • Decrease the Distance