FRIDAY JUNE 22, 2018


Ok, so you've done a lot of aerobic work this week and you're hoping to get some strength work in? No problem, we have you covered with this classic benchmark workout. 

You will have 5 attempts at MAX REPS for today's exercises. The idea is to grab a spotter to keep you in safe hands and then try to squeeze out one or two more reps than what you're mind is telling you to do. Do you feel like quitting at 10 reps? Go for 12. 


“Strict Lynne”
5 Rounds
Max Bodyweight Bench Press
Max Strict Pull-Ups
Rest 3 Minutes Between

Score is total reps completed


Reduce weight for bench press to something you can do for 10-15 reps when fresh
Reduce pull ups to equivalent option that you can do 10-15 reps when fresh (banded pull ups or ring row)