MONDAY JUNE 25, 2018


A wise man once said, "squat a lotta to be hotta."

We shall follow that advice to start the week by giving you some heavy back squats AND a big dose of air squats. Our biggest piece of advice is to know your limit and play within it.

This will apply to the back squats by only accepting great technique as you build up in weight. Prioritize doing squatting well over how much weight you put on the bar. If in doubt, ask your coach how you're doing.

This also applies to today's METCON where there is 200 air squats prescribed. Feel comfortable knowing that you will still get a fantastic workout if you reduce the reps to something that is more manageable for your current level of fitness. It may end up being a lot more fun that way too.


Back Squat
Build to a Heavy Set of 3


“Instep Inferno”
4 Rounds:
400 Meter Run
50 Air Squats


Reduce running distance
Sub row or airdyne for the run
Reduce squat reps to 30 or 40