HAPPY HUMP DAY! There's a little strength-biased work coming your way. 


Some of the beauty of fitness is in the programming and this one is gorgeous. Here's what we mean… At first glance this workout doesn’t look too bad. Those numbers are so small, right? If you look deeper into the intended stimulus the lightbulb flicks on and shows that the clean and jerks are actually reasonably heavy and the pull ups are more difficult that usual. 

Now, in a much longer workout, the typical way to scale this would be to reduce the weight and change the chest to bar to something simpler but we encourage you to pick options that will challenge you more than usual. You may find yourself able to do something you didn’t think was possible simply because you tried.


“Liquid Cocaine”
5 Rounds
5 Power Clean and Jerks (155/105)
10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups


Reduce barbell weight
Sub Jumping Chest To Bar, Banded Chest To Bar, Pull Ups, Banded Pull Ups or Ring Row