This is a big weekend coming up for coach Adam and Alex! Both of them will be competing in Coquitlam at the Canwest Games. Adam as an individual and Alex on a team of three women. If you see them, wish them luck! We are sure they will do well and that all of their hard work will pay off. You be able to follow along over the weekend on their instagram pages.

In other news, today’s workout is straight fire. Coaches Alex and Dan have actually done this workout before. It was actually their second date (cue: “awwwwwww’s”). It’s a long one and will definitely live up to it’s name. Please take a look at the scaling options before you decide to skip this class, haha!


Alternating On the Minute x 30 (15 Rounds)
Even Minutes – 15/12 Calories
Odd Minutes – 15 Burpees


Reduce reps as needed. 
The goal time is to be working for about 45sec of each minute.
You can reduce the reps right from the start and/or reduce the reps as the workout goes on.
For example: Alex & Dan went from 15 reps to 12 reps to 10 and the final few sets were down to 8.