Time to partner up, and go long! Today's challenge will test endurance. You'll be splitting the work with your teammate and only one of you working at a time. We have a 40 minute time cap, so you know it'll be long, but since we have a partner, half that time will be a rest, so get going when you are working and encourage your teammates when you are resting. 


In Teams of 2, complete the following for time with 1 person working and one person resting:

  • 1600m Run (Switching every 200m; 4 sets each)

then: 16 rounds of 

  • 4 box jumps (24/20")

  • 8 ring rows

  • 12 plate ground to overhead (35/25)

(switch working partner after each round; 8 rounds each)


  • finish with a 1600m run, again switching every 200m

Time cap: 40min 


  • 1. lower box/lighter plate

  • 2. 1200m runs with 12 rounds