We have a solid day of fitness planned for Thursday. Starting the session off with going over the "Hang Power Snatch." Like Tuesday, we are looking at developing the technique in the olympic lifting movements so we'll get another exposure to that. Following some technique work, we will be progressing with our deadlift. Last week we started getting a bit more comfortable with the deadlift and today we are going to build on that. If you take your progress seriously, (we suggest you do), start recording the weights you do, and the times you get for the workouts. It'll help move the needle in the right direction.


  • Hang Power Snatch - Technique

  • Deadlift - 5 x 5



  • 1000m Row

  • 50 thrusters 45#

  • 30 pull-ups


  • 1. Banded Pull-ups

  • 2. lighter barbell,

  • 3. 800m row, 30 thrusters, ring row