A goal of many people is getting an unassisted pull-up. Today we continue that journey. Our skill period is going to be focused on getting your feet off the ground. There is many ways to scale the pull-up and the coach will be by your side to give you options. Ring rows are often an option, but today we will be working banded, jumping, or even weighted. The WOD will only be 10 minutes, but we are going to try for some double under skills. Again, like the pull-up, it is a goal of some fitness enthusiasts to get the often elusive double under. Each round features only 10 reps and the scaling is triple the amount of single unders. Give the double under a shot, and get it done!


  • Pull-ups 5 x 5 E90s



  • push-ups10

  • ab mat sit-ups

  • 10 double unders


  • 1. 3 doubles + 20 singles

  • 2. 30 single unders (yes, 30.)