Strength Saturday. For the WOD, no running, no biking, no rowing, but that doesn't mean no cardio. We have 55 reps of three very different weighted movements. We will stimulate the whole body and use all of our muscles. In theory, the bigger we are the more we can lift, so body weight (estimated) will be a way to find out the prescribed weights. Don't get caught up in all the math, though, scale appropriately and find challenging weights and work through a steady pace. You might be surprised at how much the heart has to work doing a "strength" workout.


10,9,8,..1 of -

  • Deadlifts 1 x BW

  • Bench Press 0.6 x BW

  • DB Hang Squat Clean 0.2 x BW/DB

EX: 200 lb BW would be 200lb deadlift, 120lb bench press, 40lb DBs 


  • 1. 0.8, 0.5, 0.15% of BW

  • 2. Reduce weight as needed


  • 5 rounds, 3-5 rounds of

  • 5 sets of stairs

  • 10 double crunch