"Team Sprint" is a relay style workout that is meant to be hit with 100% effort. Push through the burpee box jumps, rip through the sit-ups, and then sprint to get the bike done ASAP. Each round should take just under 2 minutes. Try to see if you can go fast enough to get your team through more than 4 rounds!


Overhead Press Combo

  • 2 strict press + 3 push press 

Building up in weight E2M over 6 rounds 

*Complete 5 broad jumps after each set


"Team Sprint" // In Teams of 3 - 24 min AMRAP

  • 6 Burpee Box Jumps

  • 9 Ab Mat Sit-up

  • 9/12 Cal Bike

*One partner goes through the entire set and then rests while their teammates complete the interval