Today is a twist on an old workout, therefore it might look familiar. The goal is to push hard on the bike and accumulate as many calories as possible, which will leave you out of breath for the bench press where you will have 1 minute to get as many reps as possible. You finish off your working interval with 1 minute to get as many kettlebell swings as possible. After 4 minutes of straight work, you will have earned your 2 minute break. 


  • Barbell Push Press 6 x 5 E2M building up 

*After each set,

  • 30 sec double DB Overhead hold


"Deja Boo" // 2 min Airdyne Bike

  • 1 min Max Bench Press (115/75) (95/55)

  • 1 min Max KB Swings

  • 2 min Rest

x 4 rounds each