Saturday's class features a unique style workout. It is very similar to any regular 21 minute AMRAP but you have mandatory breaks every third minute (how nice is that?). Work down the list as fast as possible in two minutes, then rest for a full minute and pick up where you left off. Try to get through the entire chipper within the seven working rounds. If you get through with time to spare, start from the top and work through a second time! Good luck!


  • Hang Power Snatch Practice


"Crazy Cow"

Work 2 min, rest 1 min x 7 rounds

  • 60 DB Hang Clean to Overhead

  • 50 Ab Mat Sit-ups

  • 40 Thrusters

  • 30 Box Jump Overs 

  • 20 Hang Power Snatch 

*picking up where you left off after each rest. If finished the hang power snatch start from the top if time allows


With a partner, switching as needed:

  • 400 meter medball run

  • 200 meter farmer carry

  • 400 meter medball run