MONDAY, MAY 13 2019

In any team sport no one likes a ball hog. Today's WOD is performed in teams and you don't want to be known as the ball hog. Work fast through your round and get all your work done so that your partner can get back in the 'game!' Remember that each round adds 3 reps to each movements, so plan for longer working intervals and longer rest breaks as the WOD continues. 


  • Glute/Quad Mobility

  • 5 Back Squat into

  • 3 Box Jumps

5 rounds E2M


"Ball Hogs"

AMRAP 18 // Teams of 2

  • 3 Wallballs

  • 3 KBs

  • 3 Cal Row

*Each partner does the full round then trades off

*Every round add 3 reps to each movement