TUESDAY, MAY 14 2019

Our bodies are going to get exposed to a bunch of deadlifts - some light, some heavy. The goal of the skill is to build up each round to a heavy single by the last set. There are nine sets, so make small jumps after each round. The first three rounds are five reps, the next three are three reps, and finishing off with three singles. For the WOD we will have the deadlift again, but those are more of a nuisance as the weight will be one we can comfortably do for the push press. Remember we deadlift daily, picking anything off the ground is a deadlift, so we are building strength for our hours outside the gym.


  • Hamstring Mobility 

  • Deadlifts E90s





12 Min AMRAP

  • 21 Deadlifts 

  • 15 Box Jump Overs

  • 9 Push Press


  • 15 Glute Bridge on Medball

  • 15/side Side Crunch

x 3 rounds not for time