MONDAY, MAY 6 2019

Caffeine a stimulant to help with fatigue and drowsiness. A withdrawl from caffeine can cause a headache. Exercise can help to reduce headaches, and help release stress. Movements like medball slams have been found to be therapeutic, and help release with some built up anger towards the case of the 'Mondays.' Grab a partner and get through this headache of a workout. 


  • Back Rack Reverse Lunge

5 x 6/leg E2M


3 rounds not for time,

  • 10/side Single Leg Glute Bridge

0:30/side Side Plank



Partner AMRAP 22, 1 partner working, 1 partner resting

  • 222m Row

  • 11 DB Thrusters

  • 11 Medball Slams