Contract: Strength & Conditioning Specialist


The Strength & Conditioning Specialist is an hourly contract position that requires a high level of experience in the fitness industry. The contractor will be leading groups through functional fitness regimes, and has to ability to train clients one-on-one as well. The position will work under the supervision of Selkirk Waterfront Fitness (SWF) operations coordinator and the Functional Fitness coordinator. Primary responsibilities are, but not excluded to: 

  1. To be actively involved in providing fitness and wellness classes and personal training services that are compliant with the desires of the Selkirk community and JAWL Properties tenants. 
  2. To have the ability to scale exercises appropriately according to the member and/or clientele fitness level, and health history. 
  3. To appropriately assess the client upon commencing an exercise regime, preventing inaccurate measures that may lead to injury. 
  4. To advise the SWF operations coordinator regarding any instructor or personal trainer neglecting the service standards,
  5. To advise the SWF operations coordinator regarding any significant physical limitation that a client or member may have that should be communicated to the entire Team. 
  6. To advise the instructors/trainers and clients regarding the rules and policies, precautionary and safety measures that need to be taken, demonstrate how to use the fitness equipment and machinery, ensure that first aid and any medical help is available instantly in case of any injury, and to make sure that the fitness equipment remains clean and properly stowed by program participants

Essential Skills

The Strength & Conditioning Specialist must bring a drive and passion for fitness and health, as well as excellent and effective communication skills to be able to guide, counsel, and attract and retain fitness class enthusiasts. S/he should be able to demonstrate excellent organizational skills. S/he should be able to think of creative
ideas to motivate members to persevere with their training goals, as well as promote an overall wellness-oriented lifestyle. This profile demands high mobility, and the person
should be comfortable standing, walking, bending, and sitting for long hours. S/he should have excellent supervisory skills and should be able to instruct in a clear and effective

Educational Requirements

The position requires a bachelor's degree in physical education, health fitness, exercise physiology, or any other relevant field. CPR with AED certification is required, but more
advanced first aid is recommended. A demonstrated track record of successful program development and fitness program innovation would be an advantage.