Amenities, Towel Service, Coaches Classes and Independent Equipment Access during recommended hours*

This membership option offers the full fitness experience. Not only do you get unlimited professional guidance in our small group fitness classes, you also get access to our clean amenities, fresh towels, and of course, the stunning waterway view. The classes are purposely on the smaller side in order for the coach to properly supervise your movements, advise, and overall lead you to improved movement mechanics. Terms and Conditions listed below video.

New to fitness? Perfect! We recommend trying the FUNDAMENTALS class, offered Monday - Thursday 12:30PM, Tuesday 6:00PM, and Wednesdays 9:30AM.

Fitness veteran? Excellent! You'll fit right in, as our coaches have mastered the art of scaling appropriately. 


Membership Terms & Conditions

MINIMUM PAYMENT: There is a 3-month commitment upon starting a membership. Once the 3 months are completed, the contract will continue on a month-to-month basis at the same cost. 

PAYMENT DATE: The membership fees are collected on the 1st of the month.

CANCELATION POLICY: There is a required 1-month (30 calendar days) notice to cancel a membership. 

DEPOSIT FEE: Members are required to pay a $10 deposit for their Access Fob, refundable upon return of the fob, if the member decides to cancel their membership.  $10 refunds will not be offered for damaged FOBS

SPACE ENTRY: Members are required to scan in before bypassing the reception area, for access to a class, weight room and amenities. If the member has forgotten their fob, there is an option to sign in using the Sign In sheet, located by the scanner.  Signing out in not required.

CLASSES: Registering for classes in advance is not required, although highly recommended. There are 11 spots for Spin classes, and 10 in all other classes. 

EQUIPMENT: The class format takes priority over the equipment. 

CODE OF CONDUCT: Members are required to follow to Code of Conduct as stated here: