Each with unique professional backgrounds, our Personal Trainers offer an array of expertise that will cater to anyone: the athlete, the newcomer, the group fitness enthusiast, the injured (to name a few). We focus on educating our clients, with each workout having a purpose, instead of mindlessly going through a routine with an end goal that doesn’t seem to be approaching.

We want you to succeed.


Initial Fitness Assessment: $50

1 Session: $75

8 Sessions: $560 ($70 / session)

16 Sessions: $1080 ($65 / session)

32 Sessions: $1760 ($55 / session)


Initial Fitness Assessment: $50

1 Session (2-3 people): $45 per person


Starting at $200/Session

Great trainers keep you focused on your goals and encourage you to succeed. Over the past five months that I have gone once a week, they have helped me increase my strength by 40%. Incredible! Thanks to everyone at Waterfront. See you soon” - Kent Gorrie

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