The coaches. The people. The atmosphere

Wednesday 11:30AM Paddling Class:

“I did my first paddle class yesterday and it was great! I will definitely go again. In fact, I’d be interested if it was offered twice per week! But I know it’s a pilot right now.”

“The classes have been great so far! I've only been twice, and have only used the OC6. I have no experience with the other vessel types, but I'd be willing to give them a try.”

“Really enjoying the class. Tristan is doing a great job of coaching (very patient!). I’ve really enjoyed the outriggers but have never been on a SUP or in a dragon boat – open to trying something new, but sticking with the outrigger wouldn’t dampen my enthusiasm for the class.”

I like the OC's and I don't mind kayaking or dragon boating. I've found it difficult to get a good workout paddling around on a SUP, but I bet I could be convinced otherwise. I enjoyed yesterday's class and woke up sore which is a great thing! Thanks for offering these lunch paddles, they genuinely brighten my day. :) “

“I love love love this gym! The staff & trainers are all so awesome and knowledgeable. I have to admit I was a bit intimidated the first time I went in but after my first class I was hooked. I went to my previous gym for over a year no one knew my name.  After a few visits here everyone knows me and is so encouraging and truly want to help me reach my goals. I love that when the weather is nice we often take our workouts out on the deck. The gym is clean and well run.  

If you’ve been thinking about trying out this gym, quit thinking about it and just do it.  You won’t regret it!” - France Lio

“Love the current schedule! I go Tuesday & Thursday at 5:00PM plus Saturday at 9:30…all with the fantastic Adam Black!  I’m new and really impressed with the quality of the gym and instruction. J” - Kary Michael

“We’ve been coming to the gym since May and I’m so happy we joined. I’m seeing great results – I had to go out and buy new pants this fall as all the ones I’d bought only a year ago were too big. I feel stronger, more energetic and part of a community of people of all ages and abilities that want to get fit. Thank to all the supportive instructors for making it so welcoming to two seniors who wanted to get back in shape.” - Elizabeth & Terry

"I liked the idea of a small gym after going to much bigger gyms for many years. The gym has exceeded my expectations as it caters to people like me who want to be fit and not necessarily "bulk up".

The atmosphere is very nice and it is not full of machines but instead uses different and innovative things and ways of being fit. Also very nice to see some serious athletes working hard so they can be good at their sport." - Dave Parry

" We recently received the greatest compliment from our 25 year old granddaughter, “You guys rock, I want to train with you, such awesomeness, go Nana and Papa”!

Since last May 2017, my husband and I have been guided and encouraged to make ourselves flexible and faster while becoming “strong seniors” through our private training sessions with Adam B., rising to his weekly challenges with 5 others from our dragon boat community. Our additional Friday small class training led by Dan S. is equally as compelling a reason to embrace the personal benefits and the personal growth we have both experienced, and in a non-judgmental way, from these trainers. We are also very proud our success has allowed us to be such good role models for the second generation “group of 9” in our family!

Colin B’s training has allowed us a different challenge. While working on our flexibility and fascial movement through his ever smiling, cheerful encouragement, we have learned to move our aging bodies in a calm, quiet, relaxed yet purposeful manner. Every yin has a yang.

These three young men are the best...........each taking every effort to tailor our sessions to all of our needs, are respectful of our inabilities and our’s eldercare at its finest!

Both of us, at 80 and 75 years old, had never made exercize a priority but now, the gym definitely “comes first”, taking precedence over anything else in our lives while continuing to motivate us to be our very best selves

Catalyst’s holistic environment is second to none, and the woman making the milieu so appealing is Vicky D., who has encouraged us and worked with us since we approached her last year after FGPC offered this connection to Catalyst. She has tirelessly facilitated the arrangements of our private sessions with Adam and is the first smiling face that we see when we arrive.

The bonus at Catalyst has to be the location.....who can’t be motivated by that view! Secondly, no clanking machines, no smells of sweat, and no hoarding of equipment. Everything is in its place and it is spotlessly clean. 

Thank you to our “three Musketeers”.......both George and I dedicate our respective dragon boat teams’ first 2018 medal to you for helping us to get there! " - Jo-Ann Zador & George Zador

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"Coming from a competitive athletics background, I was already very experienced in the gym, but I knew my training was missing something.  I had hit plateau's in all my major lifts and wasn't progressing as an athlete, despite regimented training and diet plans.  Working with Colin has helped fix muscle imbalances and range of motion issues that were prohibiting me from improving.  He took me back to the basics and helped build up weaknesses to help me overcome my plateaus and I'm stronger now than when I was a competitive collegiate athlete.  He has a great training style, and athletes at every level would benefit from working with him." - Andrea Pleven

"I had been seeking help for several years unsuccessfully through heller work, massage therapy, and "advanced" chiropractic including decompression for problems with neck pain, finger numbness, shoulder pain, sciatica, posture issues, balance, core strength as well as problems with embarrassing belly fat. Through a carefully planned program Colin has addressed these issues through his deep understanding of human anatomy and through a regular strength building program that has brought me relief and strength where I had almost given up. My regret is that I did not discover him seven years ago when problems associated with my age (68) and making a living at a computer brought discomfort and pain. The pains in my neck and along my shoulders are almost entirely gone. The sciatica is 95 % cured. I look forward to what he can do for me as I advance toward 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 or further." - Bjarne

"I'm super happy with how things are going. Every day I dread a workout but I come out of it feeling alive and great. In some ways, that death feeling after a workout gives me life and even though I can't tell between swear or tears, I leave those doors feeling happy and fulfilled. Alex has been monumental in helping! I am getting stronger, I am happier and her enthusiasm is nothing but amazing. I will be registering again for the next round!" - Kevin Ram

"Firstly, as an "older" woman I was a bit nervous about starting the class.  But, when I met Dan for my first session, he understood exactly what my goals were and made me feel very comfortable.  The last eight weeks have been fantastic.  All of the classes are well organized and small enough to feel like you have your own personal trainer.  Dan is an outstanding coach.  He is very precise, organized, patient and pays attention to each and everyone of his trainees. He modifies the workouts to accommodate everyone's skill levels, but challenges them as well.  He gives great instruction and tips.  The group is really nice as well and very supportive.

I could go on forever about how great all of you are. Thanks for everything and I'm really looking forward to my session." - Seso Bains

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"I started the winter dryland training program once a week to compliment my outrigger training through the winter of 2016/17 and am now hooked! Our trainer Alex is amazing! She not only motivates me to be the best I can be but she encourages me to reach for higher goals! I feel like a stronger person and paddler and it's all because of her! She focuses our exercises on the big muscle groups that will help our paddling the most, but also targets building strength more generally. Catalyst is a gorgeous little gym with big attitude - it's got everything you'd need: it's clean, no waiting, cool classes, great trainers, warm staff and I have to say every time I walk in here, I feel at home (which is odd, as I'm not really a gym person!). I would encourage everyone who is looking to improve their overall strength and paddling power to consider dryland training! I love it so much I've joined Alex's other classes!" - Rachel Demott

"Alex is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer. Our team regularly trains in dragon boat or outrigger canoe and, thanks to Alex, our fitness and strength have greatly improved both in the gym and on the water. Her classes are a lot of fun, and she challenges our group each and every time." - Marcus Kreiger, Fairway Gorge Paddling Club coach

Great trainers keep you focused on your goals and encourage you to succeed. Over the past five months that I have gone once a week, they have helped me increase my strength by 40%. Incredible! Thanks to everyone at Catalyst. See you soon” - Kent Gorrie